woensdag 31 december 2008

Happy New Year!

Regards from Regardz Berghotel.

Good Timing

Bought a chinese cookie: Good timing will bring you success.
Well, it's about time.

donderdag 25 december 2008

Very Merry

zaterdag 13 december 2008


Truth is a dangerous thing. Keep it to yourself. Don't share it. Don't die for it. Don't kill for it.

donderdag 13 november 2008

How to overcome megalomania




vrijdag 7 november 2008


zondag 5 oktober 2008


And the new day breakin' through
The morning
Of another day without you
And as the hours roll by
No one's there to see me cry
Except the sunrise
The sunrise and you

Tired eyes drift across the shore
Looking for love and nothing more
But as the sea rolls by
No one's there to see me cry
Except the sunrise
The sunrise and you

Bless my eyes
Catch my soul
Make me whole again

Sunrise, new day
Hear my song
I'm tired of fightin'
And foolin' around
But from now on
Till who knows when
My sword will be my pen
And I'll love you, love you
For all of my time

--Uriah Heep

zondag 28 september 2008


dinsdag 16 september 2008


zondag 14 september 2008

zaterdag 6 september 2008


woensdag 3 september 2008


I enjoy going to places.
There are many nice people,
lots of lovely trees,
pretty flowers to see;
they love to welcome you.
Often people would argue
about certain things,
hurl insults at each other,
and sometimes mud as well,
oblivious of you or me,
laughing out loud
as soon as they leave.
They have to be told
just to forget about it.
I don't like listening
to people talk like this;
it's as boring or as painful
as listening to two people
complain about this or that.
You don't hear yourself
if you listen too much.
Honestly I don't let people
tell me what to think.
Yet there's a lot to learn
from conversations like these.
Perhaps I'll write a poem
just to prove to myself
I could write one anytime
if I really wanted to.
That would be fine
and fun as well, sort of.
Now I'll go on vacation
enjoy myself somewhere
and live my dreams too.
After all it isn't everyday
that you have them.
Well, I'll see you...

zondag 31 augustus 2008

Eat more often.

But eat less.

donderdag 28 augustus 2008

How to download You Tube videos

Play the you-tube video until it is thru. Look for the latest get_video file in the temporary cache. Rename it to video.flv and play it using an flv player or Irfanview. Or convert it to mp3 using an flv to mp3 converter.

maandag 25 augustus 2008

All about loving you

Looking at the pages of my life
Faded memories of me and you
Mistakes you know I've made a few
I took some shots and fell from time to time
Baby, you were there to pull me through
We've been around the block a time or two
I'm gonna lay it on the line
Ask me how we've come this far
The answer's written in my eyes

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' youI've lived,
I've loved, I've lost, I've paid some dues, baby
We've been to hell and back again
Through it all you're always my best friend
For all the words I didn't say and all the things I didn't do
Tonight I'm gonna find a way

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' youYou can take this world away
You're everything I am
Just read the lines upon my faceI'm all about lovin' you

Every time I look at you, baby, I see something new
That takes me higher than before and makes me want you more
I don't wanna sleep tonight, dreamin's just a waste of time
When I look at what my life's been comin' to
I'm all about lovin' you
All about lovin' you

zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008


"Judge not that ye be not judged."
-- Jesus of Nazareth

"Judge and be prepared to be judged."
-- Ayn Rand

woensdag 13 augustus 2008


There is only Ego. I AM. The rest is nothingness. But I don't believe in egoism for its own sake. I practice practical egoism. As well as practical egolessness.

maandag 11 augustus 2008

Think carefully.

Slowly and deeply.

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

zondag 3 augustus 2008

zaterdag 2 augustus 2008


"Having lost self confidence, our problem is how to get it back – if we ever had it at all. Because, obviously, without the element of confidence we shall be led astray by every person we come across – and that is exactly what is happening."
-- J. Krishnamurti

vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Life is suffering

Love is long-suffering.

zondag 27 juli 2008


What happens to a thought
Does it keep coming back
Like a ghost in a dream?
Or complain like a madman
and then scream?
Does it stink like sweat
and cling like dirt
to your body?
Or perhaps it dissolves
like sugar in coffee.
Or maybe it implodes

vrijdag 25 juli 2008

How to overcome social anxiety

Be assertive. Don't give...

donderdag 24 juli 2008

Be brave but don't be stupid

Don't waste your time being stupid.

woensdag 23 juli 2008


Just when I thought
there wasn't any thought
or thoughts in my head,
It suddenly came to me,
just call it my theory.
Truly, it is living
the way meditators live,
by their own intuition.
Well, I will tell you
it wasn't easy, I admit,
but I had an inkling of it
of what it would be like,
From eating sandwiches
or working at the factories
or drinking hot coffee
at the local cafeteria,
daydreaming now and then,
or worrying about my weblog.
I wouldn't think so much
about young children
and old men and women
except in a certain way
expected by our society.
Rather, I'd let things
be how they are...

Watch out for Dementors

Or De Mentors.

dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Don't be self-conscious

You're not that great.

maandag 21 juli 2008

Be friendly and outgoing

Outgoing -adjective

5. interested in and responsive to others; friendly; sociable: an outgoing personality.

-- Dictionary.com

zondag 20 juli 2008

Be a friend in deed

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
-- W. Winchell

donderdag 17 juli 2008

Don't let anybody judge you

Nobody is qualified.

woensdag 16 juli 2008

Don't apologize for your existence

It's not your fault.

maandag 14 juli 2008


Neither happy nor unhappy, neither detached nor attached, neither seeking liberation nor liberated, one is neither something nor nothing.

Not distracted in distraction, in mental stillness not poised, in stupidity not stupid, that blessed one is not even wise in one’s wisdom.

--From the Astavakra Gita.

zondag 13 juli 2008

zaterdag 12 juli 2008

Avoid the delusional

But who isn't? Anyway don't believe anthing unless it is true.

vrijdag 11 juli 2008

How to deal with insults

Ignore them. Demonstrate high value and high status.

donderdag 10 juli 2008

Be self-reliant

Self-reliance is a broader concept than self-confidence. Self-confidence is really based on self-reliance.

dinsdag 8 juli 2008


lovely, lively flowers,
pretty maids all in a row
spice girls a-crooning.

scissors on the wall,
and who has the longest hair
of all in the mall?

white flower, fragile,
and she really doesn't care
if no one sees her.

blue sky, red and white,
beautiful expensive car
no-parking ticket?

zondag 6 juli 2008

How to deal with guilt feelings

Stand up for yourself. And don't let anybody manipulate you.

zaterdag 5 juli 2008


Not yet correct,
Not yet perfect.

Not yet round,
Not yet sound.

Not yet named,
Not yet famed.

Not yet found,
Not yet bound.

Not yet tamed.
Not yet blamed.

No, not yet.
But don't forget
What you might get.

vrijdag 4 juli 2008

How to lose your mind

I have no idea. I'm a beginner. Not an expert.

donderdag 3 juli 2008

Dream On

Been travelling this road for so long
My eyes are tired but I carry on
The sun lays down it's golden threads
I need a place to rest my head
Although I am far from home now
My soul's with you
It's hard to be out here on my own
So far away, so far from home
I need to touch and feel your skin
To live this dream in sleep again
Although I am far from home now
My soul's with you
So dream on, dream on
Freedom comes with timeless sleep
Dream on, dream on
In the arms of night
Your silent shadow gently speaks
Dream on, dream on
This hotel room's a lonely place
It's a one night cell I must escape
So I drink away my loneliness
So I can sleep and dream again
Although I am far from home now
My soul's with you
And as I fall into
The darkness of the night
You come to rescue me to
Shield me in your light
I feel your touch
The softness of your skin
You hold me close before
The day breaks in
This dream's so true
My heart it beats, it beats
It beats for you, for you
Although I am far from home now
My soul's with you
So dream on, dream on
Freedom comes with timeless sleep
Dream on, dream on
In the arms of night
Your silent shadow gently speaks
So dream on, dream on
Dream on, dream on
So dream on, dream on
Dream on

--lyrics of Dream on, Uriah Heep

woensdag 2 juli 2008


You're my Baby, you're my Pet.
I have no idea how we met.
It must have been on Internet.

dinsdag 1 juli 2008


Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving type. I am a Healer. According to Keirsey. Click title if you want to take Jung typology test.

maandag 30 juni 2008

Free Me

Why should I worry that you might not love me
You're not the only love I ever had
Your sweet memory will always comfort me
So why should I be feeling sad
Far as I can tell
You knew so well
I was always at the end of the line
I loved you as much as any man can
But not enough to make you mine
So long easy rider I know I'll miss you for awhile
But sooner or later I know that I'll forget you
Free me somebody free me won't you
Free me, free me from your spell
We let a good love die
We let it pass us by
Though you try to keep me hangin' on
But with all this doubt
It'll never work out
So tomorrow I'll be travellin' on

--Ken Hensley, ex-Uriah Heep

zaterdag 28 juni 2008

Uriah Heep

He went to Assen, which is about 60 kilometers from where he lives to see Uriah Heep -- they have a new album called Wake the Sleeper, after ten years. He wanted to catch some of the band's magnetism, if they had any. The lead singer looked young inspite of his age. He had long straight yellow hair. He reminded him of older pretty women who keep trying desperately to stay young and desirable. Anyway, he loved the music, altho he never had listened to it before. He danced to it without stopping for almost two hours; he thought that the crowd was too inhibited to show that much enthusiasm.

woensdag 25 juni 2008

Rule 11

Be nice to nerds!! Chances are you will end up working for one!
-- 11 things you don't learn at school

maandag 23 juni 2008


You must believe it,
Dream it, hope it.
You must see it fly
With your mind's eye.
Someday will come
Something will become
A shining butterfly
In the light-blue sky.

zaterdag 21 juni 2008

Be desireless

Or pretend to be. Don't show neediness.

Thee I love

Why do I love thee?
Let me tell thee why.
I love thee because
Thou art very pretty.
I love thee because
Thou maketh me happy.
Art thou wiser than me?
My, I do love thee!

donderdag 19 juni 2008

My dirty little secret

That's me. I keep believing in myself. And in what I am doing. No matter what.

woensdag 18 juni 2008


What did I eat this morning?
Some cornflakes and pudding.
A cheese sandwich for dinner.
What will I have for supper?
Soft white rice, not so hot,
Something steamy in the pot.
I drink black cola, strong
Coffie all the day long.

dinsdag 17 juni 2008

Take heed

Kokorokoso kokoro mayowasu kokoronare
Kokoro ni kokoro, kokoro yurusuna.

It is the mind itself
Which deludes the mind;
Oh mind, take heed!

maandag 16 juni 2008

I'm me

Do you really know me?
I'm me! And I'm nobody.
If you are unknown like me;
Then you are very lucky.
Don't use your real name;
They can google you to fame.
But I will always be me.
How sad to be somebody,
How miry like a bog!
Write anonymously
In your weblog.

A parody

zondag 15 juni 2008

Always say less than necessary

Law 4. The 48 laws of power.

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Keep thinking wisely

Don't be stupid. Don't let others think for you.

woensdag 11 juni 2008

Keep believing in yourself

And in what you are doing.

maandag 9 juni 2008

Disdain things you cannot have

Ignoring them is the best revenge. Law 36. The 48 Laws of Power.

zaterdag 7 juni 2008

Go for peak experiences

"Peak experiences are transient moments of self-actualization"
--A. Maslow

vrijdag 6 juni 2008

Dejeuner du Matin

Jacques Prevert

Il a mis le cafe
Dans la tasse
Il a mis le lait
Dans la tasse de cafe
Il a mis le sucre
Dans le cafe au lait
Avec la petite cuiller
Il a tourne
Il a bu le cafe au lait
Et il a repose la tasse
Sans me parler
Il a allume
Une cigarette
Il a fait des ronds
Avec la fumee
Il a mis les cendres
Dans le cendrier
Sans me parler
Sans me regarder
Il s'est leve
Il a mis
Son chapeau sur sa tete
Il a mis
Son manteau de pluie
Parce qu'il pleuvait
Et il est parti
Sous la pluie
Sans une parole
Et moi j'ai pris
Ma tete dans ma main
Et j'ai pleure.

donderdag 5 juni 2008

Verander vastbesloten van mening

Change your opinion firmly. Click title.

woensdag 4 juni 2008

Why not?

It's no big deal.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Be a Renaissance Man

or Woman. Click title for an article on Italian Renaissance.

maandag 2 juni 2008

zondag 1 juni 2008

Protect yourself at all times

You are not all-powerful. Keep your mind and body healthy, strong, and powerful.

zaterdag 31 mei 2008

vrijdag 30 mei 2008

Don't be in a hurry

Slow down. Take your time. Have a good time. Be happy.

donderdag 29 mei 2008

Don't put off living today

In order to worry about tomorrow.

woensdag 28 mei 2008

Be flexible

Adapt to changing demands.

dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Know the rules

And keep them. Rules are there to protect you.

maandag 26 mei 2008

Don't communicate

Subcommunicate, instead. Be subtle. Don't brag. Don't flaunt.

zondag 25 mei 2008

How to rip your CD

Try Cdex. Or Audiograbber.

Never, never, never

Communicate low status or low value.

vrijdag 23 mei 2008

Don't be afraid of losing the other

Be willing to walk away. If you have to.

donderdag 22 mei 2008

Use it

Or lose it.

woensdag 21 mei 2008

Improve the quality fo your life

Eat, drink, and be merry. Travel. But live simply.

dinsdag 20 mei 2008

The Working Hour -You Tube

These things that I've been told can rearrange
My world, my doubt in time but inside out
This is the working hour
We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes
This is the working hour
We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes
This day and age for all and not for one
All lies and secrets, put on, put on and on
This is the working hour
We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes
This is the working hour
We are paid by those who learn by our mistakes
And fear is such a vicious thing
It wraps me up in chains
Find out, find out, what this fear is about
Find out, find out, what this fear is about
Find out, find out, what this fear is about
Find out, find out, what this fear is about

maandag 19 mei 2008

Forgive and forget

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. And others for theirs. It's just a game.

zondag 18 mei 2008

The Hurting - You Tube

Is it an horrific dream
Am I sinking fast
Could a person be so mean
As to laugh and laugh
On my own
Could you ease my load
Could you see my pain
Could you please explain
The hurting

Could you understand a child
When he cries in pain
Could you give him all he needs
Or do you feel the same
All along
You've been told you're wrong
When you felt it right
And you're left to fight
The hurting

Get in line with the things you know
Feel the pain
Feel the sorrow
Touch the hurt and don't let go
Get in line with the things you know
Learn to cry
Like a baby
Then the hurting won't come back

zaterdag 17 mei 2008

How to keep your composure

I realized that composure is not something you acquire by practicing meditation techniques like concentration and awareness exercises, which are simply artificial means of achieving peace, tranquility, contentment, and happiness, and which are highly addictive. Rather, by knowing what to do or what not to do in certain situations. Seeking advice is therefore advisable.

Get some good advice

Some people know better than many of us do.

vrijdag 16 mei 2008


I woke up in the middle of the night,
Feeling restless and even desperate.
Is this what people call loneliness?
I felt sick in the stomach;
It made me feel really bad.
What reasons have I to be lonely?
Well, anyway, I took it in,
Chewed on it, swallowed it,
Stomached it, and digested it.
Then I went back to sleep.
When I woke up in the morning
There's this burning ache in my stomach.
It must be something I ate yesterday.
It was probably the chicory.
I won't eat chicory for supper again.

donderdag 15 mei 2008

Be friends first

Perhaps more than friends later.

woensdag 14 mei 2008

Keep your composure

What you think is what matters. Don't be intimidated by people who think they are morally and spiritually better.

dinsdag 13 mei 2008

Stop seeking approval

And reasurrance. Avoid neediness. Don't be a wussy.

maandag 12 mei 2008

Discover your highest purpose

Find out why you do what you do. Keep learning. And evolving.

vrijdag 9 mei 2008

Don't be a social robot

Know the rules. But be socially intelligent.

donderdag 8 mei 2008

Just be aware

And nothing else. Things will take care of themselves.

woensdag 7 mei 2008

dinsdag 6 mei 2008

Learn what not to do

Practice. Practice. Practice.

maandag 5 mei 2008

Zen Player

I received an mp3/mpeg player by Creative from my present employer as a gift. It has 4 Gb memory, upgradeable, and can play mp3, aac, m4a, wma, wmv9, divx and xvid videos. It also has a buit-in FM radio. It's battery can be recharged thru the USB connection.

zaterdag 3 mei 2008

Be willing to walk away

Walk away if you have to. And don't look back. Start looking around.

vrijdag 2 mei 2008

How to prevent heartaches

Be strong. Or pretend to be. Don't show your emotions openly.

Be selective

Choosy. Picky. It will increase your value in the eyes of others.

woensdag 30 april 2008

How to lose weight

Sleep thru your hunger.


dinsdag 29 april 2008

Be lazy

Sleep a lot. Let the unconscious do the work.

maandag 28 april 2008

Be special

Well, you are.

zondag 27 april 2008

Don't procrastinate too much

I guess most people procrastinate. People prefer short-term gratification to long-term gratification. To live for today and less for tomorrow.

zaterdag 26 april 2008

How to deal with rejection

Learn from your mistakes. Why were you rejected? One possible reason could be that you flirted obviously. That you revealed your feelings and intentions too easily and too early. That people became uncomfortable with you before they got the chance to know you.
Anyway don't feel rejected. What you think is what matters. If you think people are getting uncomfortable with you, simply step back. Pretend disinterest. Stop and wait. Demonstrate high status and high value. Be self-confident. Keep improving yourself. Improve the quality of your life. Meet other more interesting people.

vrijdag 25 april 2008

Sony DSC-S730

I bought a new compact camera today. It's a Sony DSC-S730, 7.2 megapixel, 3x optic zoom. I just want to take pictures of my surroundings and my friends.
This morning I had replace a control valve with a smart one by Fisher. The new one was heavy but alone I managed to install it. I had to climb a tower a number of times to do it.

donderdag 24 april 2008

woensdag 23 april 2008

Love yourself

"For most people their true self remains definitely and deeply hidden. How can one love something if one doesn't know it, if it is never loved by others. Many intelligent people live without any inkling of the true self, perhaps in love with their idealized, conforming, false self -- unless a depression points to what they have lost, or a psychosis confronts them harshly with their real self, they are helplessly left with as a stranger."
--Alice Miller, the drama of the intelligent child. Translated from Dutch.

dinsdag 22 april 2008


maandag 21 april 2008


Many times I have difficulty concentrating. My mind tends to wonder. And when it does I think about being in love. I think about her. And I think she loves me. But I can't be with her.
I'm trying to improve my Dutch so I go to an evening school. Often I am too tired to pay attention. I tend to become bored. (A number of my classmates have dropped out already.) This evening I tried to relieve my boredom by studying faces. I examined everyone's facial features, eye colour, hair and hairdo, mouth, lips, front teeth, and the way each one smiles.
The teacher had asked everyone to write an haiku last week. I didn't have much time so I wrote one quickly.

zondag 20 april 2008


I really have a lot of things to tell but I'm afraid I would bore people and make them think I'm jabbering all the time. But sometimes it feels good to just mention certain things.
Yesterday I went to a "rommel markt"; I like going to these events. I got a lot of things at give-away prices. Things I really needed. To make my life more comfortable. And perhaps make me more attractive and iresistible.
While interacting with people I noticed that most of them were very friendly and kind towards me. A few of them looked at me with some degree of shyness. I don't know why. One woman mumbled something to herself when she gave me my things. Something like "schattig". I don't know what she really meant. Or maybe I was just imagining things.
I also noticed that some women were teasing me.
While going for a spin today, two young girls kept teasing me. They said I was wearing very nice sunglasses. And they asked where I bought it. I was about to give it away but realized I was wearing a single pair and didn't want to make the other jealous.
Yesterday, I saw Rebecca, who works at the local supermarket. She's very pretty and she's hot. She's a natural blond but her beauty is not flawless. Well, at least according my ideal. There is something about her face that makes her less perfect. And I don't know exactly what it is. But she's probably the prettiest of them all.
I've been flirting with her taking care not to be obvious. And she wouldn't look me in the eye. I think most hot girls don't stare into other people's eyes. She just kind of squint at me. And I take it as an indication of interest. So I reward her by actually wagging my brows at her openly the last times. She's beginning to laugh at me and with me.
There are a lot of other things I want to mention. But it would open some old wounds for me.

zaterdag 19 april 2008

Party Animal

I was invited to the twelve and half year jubileum of our company. I had to go to place called Mitwolda for the party. So I looked it up on internet in order to find out how to get there easily. The first thing I came across thru google was a place called Mitwolde. So I went there and I found out I arrived at the wrong place. Luckily I had plenty of time and managed to get to the right one, which was really much closer to where I live. This things happen to me a lot. Perhaps because I rely too much on my intuition and vague feeling of being led by an unknown higher force or higher Self that some people call God or Buddha. Well, I became much wiser. Knowledge is power. A little is an expensive way to learn and wasteful.
Everybody was looking good and being at their best, wearing their prettiest clothes and acting like very successful people. I love the food and the entertainment; I forgot that I was vegetarian.

vrijdag 18 april 2008

Always be prepared to meet people

Always look clean and good. Wear nice shoes.

donderdag 17 april 2008

Don't. Don't. Don't.

Thou shall not. This is my strongest mantra. Use it whenever you don't know what to do. Just don't be Jewish, Christian or Muslim about it. Don't do it. Whatever.

woensdag 16 april 2008

Don't waste your time on people who are not available

Look around. Be friendly. But don't show too much interest. In fact pretend disinterest. Or just a little interest. A slight crush is enough if you love flirting. And don't be too available. Well, if you want to be attractive and to be admired.

dinsdag 15 april 2008

Don't be a wussy

It's very unattractive. Nobody respects a wimp and a pussy. To avoid being a wussy, you've got to have self-respect. And don't trade it for a little bit of love and affection.

maandag 14 april 2008

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Ye hypocrites!

zondag 13 april 2008

More books

I'm trying to read a Dutch translation of Alice Miller's Das Drama des begabten Kindes und die suche nach dem wahren Selbst. Literally: The drama of the intelligent child and the search for the true self. A study on narcissism.
I bought several pocket books including a Dutch translation of Jung Chang's Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China, and Artists on Arts.
Again not much time to read.

zaterdag 12 april 2008

Don't be afraid to go out alone

Stay single and stay happy. Don't fall in love too easily. And too early.

vrijdag 11 april 2008

Don't go for a relationship

Just be there. And be friendly.

donderdag 10 april 2008

Keep learning, practicing, and doing

Observe. And don't be afraid to try something.

woensdag 9 april 2008

Be the center

Let your reality and belief system dominate.

dinsdag 8 april 2008

Stop chasing

And start flirting. And play hard to get. Relax.

maandag 7 april 2008

Make the other smile

But don't kiss butt.

zondag 6 april 2008

Pamper yourself daily

Take your time.

zaterdag 5 april 2008

Be a buddha

Endure suffering. But don't be a saint.

vrijdag 4 april 2008

Keep yourself busy

Or pretend to be. Well, I've been very busy. I just don't have time for anything. I mean I have a lot of paperwork. And no time to fix anything. I've been living on vegetarian pizzas, pancakes, eggs, vegetables and fruit because I don't have time to cook.
Pardon me, I shouldn't be talking about boring things.

donderdag 3 april 2008

Shock and awe

Click title for rapid dominance.

woensdag 2 april 2008

Keep your cool

Don't lose your temper.

dinsdag 1 april 2008

Make the other feel special

But don't become obsessed. And don't be a doormat. Avoid neediness.

maandag 31 maart 2008

Be a leader of men

Lead. But don't mislead. If you can help it.

zondag 30 maart 2008

She's a ten

She came later this evening.
And she looked like a princess.
And ten times as pretty
as when I met her last week.
She moved like a matador
ready for her first kill.
From a distance she's even
more impressive because one
can see her totally and wholly.
We looked into each other eyes
this time much longer
but still a bit shyly.
I had no idea how old she was.
She seemed to be socialized
completely at an early age.
Then I stayed much longer
to watch the advanced group
and her assisting the teacher.
I kept glancing at her
taking care not to offend
anybody and her especially.
She seemed to be doing
the same and enjoying herself.
I wondered how she actually
saw me or was seeing me.
What makes any person beautiful
in the eyes of another?
Is it her pretty face and features
or her personality and character,
which might actually be showing thru?
Or is it intelligence and ability?
Can innocence and spirituality
be more beautiful than anything?
I walked with her on her way out,
realized she was with her parents.

donderdag 27 maart 2008

Go back to the basics


woensdag 26 maart 2008

Keep believing in yourself

Keep improving. Or evolving.

dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Have fate

Things are happening the way they do. And often there's nothing I can do about it. I only have to learn to accept things the way they are. And learn to love unconditionally.

zaterdag 22 maart 2008

Wear clothes that fit your image

As well as your body.

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Learn to change the way you perceive reality

Allow yourself to see the changes in others.

woensdag 19 maart 2008

Encourage independence in others

Don't enslave people. Don't be a Master. Or a Savior.

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

Stop and wait

Waiting is acting. Silence is golden. Patience is platinum.

maandag 17 maart 2008

Be exotic

But don't be obvious. And don't try to attract attention.

vrijdag 14 maart 2008

Learn the principles

And the techniques will follow.

donderdag 13 maart 2008

Wake up to the smell of something different

Try a different fruit, air-freshener, soap, perfume, cologne, or aftershave.

woensdag 12 maart 2008

Learn to say No

And mean it.

maandag 10 maart 2008

Be adventurous

Try something new. Have fun.

zondag 9 maart 2008

Thou shalt keep thy mouth shut

Never talk about your job and life. And don't mention money.

zaterdag 8 maart 2008

How to maintain attraction

Don't chase anyone. Value yourself and your time more than anyone else.

vrijdag 7 maart 2008


donderdag 6 maart 2008

Improve your awareness

Practice observing.

woensdag 5 maart 2008

dinsdag 4 maart 2008

Don't let people push you around

If you want to be happy.

maandag 3 maart 2008

Get enough sleep

Sleep and rest keep you young.

zondag 2 maart 2008


vrijdag 29 februari 2008

Learn to change your beliefs

To get what you want. Or to be successful.

donderdag 28 februari 2008

woensdag 27 februari 2008

Think about it

Why not?

maandag 25 februari 2008

Don't take anything seriously

I was just kidding. I AM.

zondag 24 februari 2008

You are the greatest person that walk the earth

Believe it or not. ;>) So don't imitate. Originate.

zaterdag 23 februari 2008

Listen attentively

and don't interrupt.

vrijdag 22 februari 2008

donderdag 21 februari 2008

Be attentive

Observe carefully and closely.

woensdag 20 februari 2008

Show feminine charm

But don't be effeminate.

Forever Takes Too Long - You Tube

dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Be nervous

And enjoy it. If you have to control it, it means you are a nervous wreck. There's something wrong with you.

zondag 17 februari 2008

Tink oan my - You Tube

Think of me. Remember.

vrijdag 15 februari 2008

Never mind what people think

Stand out. Be unique.

donderdag 14 februari 2008

Don't trade status for anything

Don't sell your Soul to the devil.

woensdag 13 februari 2008

Look around

Before committing anything.

dinsdag 12 februari 2008

Do everyone a favor

Just do it.

maandag 11 februari 2008


I bought ten DVD's for 10 euros.
Nice titles: Seven years in ...,
Love's Labor's ..., The Count of ...,
Conrad's The Secret ..., Sleep with ...,
Rebel, The Jigsaw ..., King's Needful ...,
A Girl ..., Operation .....
But no time to see any of them.
I hope to buy some more.

And some second-hand books:
Harris' Hannibal, Oxford Book of Light ...,
Neruda's poems in Spanish,
Antiek als hobby, Vliegers maken,
Als m'n tante een snor had,
Dit Boek lost uw Geld problemen op
(This Book will solve your Financial problems).
No time to read.

zondag 10 februari 2008

Act as if

Well, sometimes it helps.

zaterdag 9 februari 2008

Stick up for yourself

And never put yourself down.

vrijdag 8 februari 2008

woensdag 6 februari 2008

Believe in what you are doing

Otherwise stop doing it.

dinsdag 5 februari 2008

Don't worry about what you're going to say

Listen. And don't talk too much. You don't need to.

maandag 4 februari 2008

Be independent

And be decisive.

zondag 3 februari 2008

Aikido: Shihonage

Relax. Don't move too fast.

zaterdag 2 februari 2008

vrijdag 1 februari 2008

Don't sell yourself

Don't be too eager.

donderdag 31 januari 2008

Erase the past

Don't complain. Start over.

woensdag 30 januari 2008

Be interesting

Be different. But don't be weird. And don't brag.

dinsdag 29 januari 2008

maandag 28 januari 2008

Motivate yourself

Be your own mentor or coach. Choose a role model.

zondag 27 januari 2008

Purest of Pain - You Tube

Release it. Give up your fantasy. Give the other plenty of space.

Never communicate low status

You don't want people treating you like trash.

zaterdag 26 januari 2008

Use self-consciousness constructively

Be aware. But don't judge yourself. Accept imperfections.

vrijdag 25 januari 2008

How to have presence

Be present. Be visible. Accept yourself. Be yourself.

A Strange Education - You Tube

donderdag 24 januari 2008

Manage your image and reputation

Never talk about yourself.

woensdag 23 januari 2008

Project high status

Nobody loves a loser. But don't be a snob.

dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Learn to work with what you have

You don't need designer genes.

maandag 21 januari 2008

Don't always agree with anyone

Have your own opinion. And don't feel guilty.

zondag 20 januari 2008

If You Were A Sailboat - You Tube

Just go for it

It's your big chance. It's the most important thing. ;>)

zaterdag 19 januari 2008

Everything - You Tube

What if the Bible was blank?


Heal your mind first

Healing starts with the mind.

vrijdag 18 januari 2008

Beware of personality cults

They are meant to make you stupid. And to enslave you.

Never qualify yourself

Nobody is that qualified. Or that limited.

In God's Hands - You Tube

donderdag 17 januari 2008

Don't let anybody walk all over you

Some behaviors are simply unforgivable. Pretend they don't bother you. Bullies are like flies. But don't swat them.

woensdag 16 januari 2008

Decide to become successful

Don't let anyone stop you.

dinsdag 15 januari 2008

Be a good listener

And listen sometimes.

maandag 14 januari 2008

Keep understanding yourself.

Observe your thoughts.

zondag 13 januari 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry -You Tube

Don't try too hard

Relax. Don't be tense. Let your body speak.

zaterdag 12 januari 2008

Waiting For A Girl Like You - You Tube

Punch thru it

Follow thru. Whatever that means. Think of the future. The possibilities.

vrijdag 11 januari 2008

Get busy with a project.

Try reading. Learning. Or teaching.

donderdag 10 januari 2008

Know what you want

What do you really want? Be what you want to be.

woensdag 9 januari 2008

Have a good time

Enjoy every moment no matter how depressing. Just be there.

dinsdag 8 januari 2008

Take good care of yourself

Get enough sleep. And don't forget to brush your teeth.

maandag 7 januari 2008

Don't be holy

You can't avoid pollution.

zondag 6 januari 2008

Love without strings

Why are you needy?

zaterdag 5 januari 2008

Accept things the way they are

Try to change what you think about them. Or adapt to reality.

vrijdag 4 januari 2008

Alcoholism - Encyclopedia Britanica Online

"Excessive and repetitive drinking of alcoholic beverages to the extent that the drinker repeatedly is harmed or harms others."

donderdag 3 januari 2008

How to be charismatic.

Have a sense of purpose. With an air of mystery. But be detached.

woensdag 2 januari 2008

Live what you believe

Be trustworthy.

dinsdag 1 januari 2008

Learn the facts

The greatest risk to children doesn't come from strangers but from friends and family.

The more pain, the more gain.

This applies to building strength and muscles.