vrijdag 29 mei 2009

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zondag 17 mei 2009

The Da Vinci Code

Sophie : You're saying the Holy Grail is a person? A woman?

Leigh : And it turns out, she makes an appearance right there.

Sophie : But they are all men.

Leigh : Are they? What about that figure on the right hand of our Lord seated in the place of honor? Flowing red hair. Folded feminine hands. Hint of a bosom. No? It’s called scotoma. The mind sees what it chooses to see.

Sophie : Who is she?

Leigh : My dear, that's Mary Magdalene.

-- from the movie script

zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Right brain

Right thinking. Right here. Right now.

donderdag 14 mei 2009

We are human beings

Not human doings.

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Most people seek pleasure

as an escape from the pains of life.

zondag 10 mei 2009

That's what human beings do

That's what humans are like. What do you expect?

vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Be still

Let things be. Don't waste your energy.

donderdag 7 mei 2009

woensdag 6 mei 2009

Bridget Jones' Diary

Seeing Bridget Jones' Diary on RTL 5 now instead of The Riverman.

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

maandag 4 mei 2009

Hey there, lonely girl


Seeing Harry Potter 3 on DVD,
Sitting in a 3-legged chair,
Drinking a big cup of coffie,
I can hardly walk for days;
My right big toe is suffering.
Damn it, what's happening?
It must be a Dementor.

zaterdag 2 mei 2009

vrijdag 1 mei 2009