dinsdag 31 maart 2009


Most thinking is worrying

Trying to get rid of sorrow

you remain in sorrow. You can't end sorrow by reducing it or running away from it. Thru relationships, drinks, drugs, pleasures, activities, beliefs, fantasies, dreams, etc, etc, etc. Grieve!
Don't seek relationships that are harmful.

maandag 30 maart 2009

Love is being a good friend

And knowing when to listen.

zondag 29 maart 2009

How to have peace of mind

Teach your children well and trust them.

zaterdag 28 maart 2009


The past was a dream.
Today is a stream
of memories of you.
Tomorrow never comes
but dreams come true.
And I love you!

donderdag 26 maart 2009

Is it possible to be free of self-interest?

No, I don't think so. I think therefore I am. Or: I think therefore I am not free.

Love is not self-pity

Be brave. Be strong. Be happy.

woensdag 25 maart 2009

To understand fear is to be free from fear

Really? Well, you have to find out for yourself.

So many fears

So many escapes.

dinsdag 24 maart 2009

An idle mind is afraid

What is fear?

maandag 23 maart 2009

Love is not fearful

There is no fear in love.

zondag 22 maart 2009

zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Love is not resentful

It does not keep a record of wrongs.

Can one be hurt deeply by an insult?

Does an insult have any absolute significance?

Is it possible to live without a self-image?

And not be hurt again? What is the value of a self-image that one does not respect anyway?

donderdag 19 maart 2009

Love is not self-seeking

Not self-centered. Not selfish.

woensdag 18 maart 2009

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

maandag 16 maart 2009

Looking at what is

Does it have meaning? Or is it meaningless?

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Is it possible to be free from attachment?

Which is not the same as detachment.

vrijdag 13 maart 2009

donderdag 12 maart 2009

dinsdag 10 maart 2009

You were everything

I was not.

Seeking, seeking, seeking

What is loneliness?

What brings isolation and loneliness about?

zondag 8 maart 2009

The end

the beginning

When love is gone

To be empty is to be free. Emptiness is freedom.

A thing called love

Can you sacrifice your pride and your reputation for the sake of love? Or is there love at all?

zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Let it shine

The sun is shining again.

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Is there such a thing as eternal love?

How to stop hurting

Forget and forgive. Or forgive and forget.

Is there a motive behind true love?

Can one love without motive? Without expecting anything in return?

woensdag 4 maart 2009

Understand it

Don't try to escape from it.

High kicks

I just realized that doing high kicks regularly is one of the better ways of keeping myself warm, fit, and strong, and of improving my balance. Without leaving the safety and comfort of my place. Just don't overdo it or you won't have enough energy left for other things.


The more you get it the more you need it.

dinsdag 3 maart 2009


To be is to be related. Nobody can live in isolation.

zondag 1 maart 2009

There's only One Way

It's called No Way. Wu Wei for those who speak Chinese. Negation of the Way. There's no Authority in heaven or in hell. Just beware of your neighbor's dog.

Don't seek the truth

Be truthful. Observe yourself. Experience yourself. Know yourself.

More or less

That's why I have a manager so I don't become jobless or pennyless.
It pays to hire one.